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When you look at the ‘i’ staring at you from iBeacon, you know Apple is associated with this technology. And you are right because it is Apple’s technology standard that helps both iOS and Android connect with beacons that are placed in the physical world. What these apps are actually doing is identifying signals transmitted from these beacons to provide app users with granular-contextual content that is pertinent to their location.

This is the next-level of app development and at Moveo Apps we have formed a habit of delivering only the best and most future- ready solutions to our clients - iBeacon application development being one of them.

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Use Cases for iBeacon Apps

So the question is how will Moveo help grow your business with its game changing iBeacon apps? Here are a few use cases:


iBeacon apps can help improve your target customer’s in-store experience, by triggering deeper engagement with a product that he/she is thinking of buying.


iBeacon apps can be used to improve the efficiency of restaurants wherein an app on the waiter’s portable device will immediately know which table the waiter is at and can help the waiter make suggestions based on the diner’s past dining history. As can be imagined, this will help improve the customer’s dining experience.


Educational apps can be integrated with iBeacon technology to deliver a learning experience that engages the attention of students and encourages them to make new discoveries.

These are just some of the use cases of iBeacon apps and how they can act as catalysts for business or institutional growth. If you believe offering a fantastic interactive experience can make a positive impression on your customers, which influences their buying decisions, get in touch with Moveo Apps. We will discuss your objectives, understand your requirements and help build an iBeacon app that is configured for success.

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